LIKHA is a 100% volunteer run organization. Our performing artists and production staff dedicate numerous hours to all of LIKHA’s output, including community events, international festivals, research, and stage productions. Participating as an artist or staff member provides a unique opportunity to gain personal experience in the inner workings of a tenured touring and performing group, while contributing to our collective mission of preserving and promoting Philippine indigenous arts and culture.

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Our youth program, LIKHA School of Dance, focuses on traditional folk dances from throughout the Philippines and is designed to teach proper movement and meaning behind Philippine dance. LIKHA hosts various workshops throughout the year intended for children ages 5 to 15.



Formed by students and teachers at San Francisco State University in 1992, LIKHA has been fortunate to have met numerous individuals seeking to contribute to their community and enrich their identity.  LIKHA Alumni have left an indelible mark on our history and, most importantly, our family. We thank all of our alumni for paving the way for our current members at LIKHA.