Winter Recital (2015)

LIKHA School of Dance presents the 2015 Winter Recital, a collection of Philippine dance favorites. The show features students of LIKHA's long running youth program.

Saling Lahi (2014)

Saling Lahi is our 2014 presentation of Philippine culture and dance. The show features the children of LIKHA School of Dance. Saling Lahi is about the importance of passing on our culture and folk arts to young people so that our identity and spirit can live on through the generations. Available on Paypal.

Saludo (2012)

Saludo marks the 20th anniversary of LIKHA. Saludo is our expression of thanks to ancestors, parents and mentors for keeping the flame alive, instilling Filipino culture through ritual, music and dance. Ultimately Saludo is about joy, celebration and remembrance. Performed August 2012 in San Francisco, California. The two and half hour DVD contains all of our gala night performance plus all solos from the second night performance.  Widescreen DVD. Available on Paypal.

RITWAL (2010)

Filmed live in San Francisco, RITWAL is a ritual of Philippine dance featuring dances of the Subanen, Kalinga, Talaandig, Bagobo and Tagbanua peoples. Includes dances from Spanish-era Philippines and dances of Mindanao performed by the children of LIKHA School of Dance. Performed in San Francisco, Calif. in October 2010 at the Cowell Theatre in Fort Mason Center. Widescreen DVD. Available on Paypal and Createspace.

Asia On Stage (2009)

Live in San Francisco, groups representing Tibet, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, and the Philippines converge for a celebration of dance, music and culture. Filmed live at the Herbst Theatre in September 2009, Asia On Stage brings together a rare collaboration to celebrate unity through beautiful costumes, sounds, and dances. Features Chaksam-pa, Sawadee Thai Dance Group, Wings of 100 Viet Dance Company, Nritta Katha School of Kathak, Gadung Kasturi, Apsara Royal of San Jose, LIKHA and international guest artist Luminawa Cultural Group of Lubuagan Kalinga in the Philippines. Widescreen DVD.