Our youth program LIKHA School of Dance focuses on traditional folk dances from throughout the Philippines and is designed to teach proper movement and the meaning behind the dance. The school is headed by LIKHA founder Rudi Soriano.


Since our founding, LIKHA has focused on teaching children how to dance and play music from the Philippines.

LIKHA Too Youth Program

LIKHA Too was the name of LIKHA's 2008 youth program. The goal of LIKHA Too was to help children develop an understanding of Philippine culture through music and dance. LIKHA Too students performed live at San Francisco's Asian Art Museum and at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center. In 2009, the program was renamed LIKHA School of Dance.

LIKHA Coco (Contra Costa)

LIKHA Coco was formed in 1996 in Contra Costa. The goal of the program was to provide outreach to our ever growing Pilipino community. Recognizing the challenge of preserving our culture, we spent several years teaching children how to dance and why we dance and the history of Philippine arts.