Sayaw sa Cuyo

Sayaw sa Cuyo is a mazurka danced by eight girls swaying small delicate handkerchiefs to accent turns and twirls. Tiny paper crowns make the dancers feel like young princesses. The dance originates from Cuyo, Palawan.

Sayaw - Philippine Dances

(Cuyo, Palawan) On the small island of Cuyo, Palawan's old capital, the feast day of St. Augustin is traditionally celebrated with parades, processions and small performances by groups coming from all over Cuyo Island and the nearby islets. Island dances, blended with strong Old Cuyo ethnicity and Spanish-influenced steps, are all brought out when Cuyo celebrates its festivals. Today, pretty young girls daintily swirl hats to the waltz and other European steps designed to bring out the freshness and glow of the performers.

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