22 August, 2015

PCCN: Pilipino Counter Culture Night 2015

LIKHA will be at Bindlestiff Studio this week for four performances: 



October 1 @ 8pm 
October 2 @ 8pm
October 3 @ 7pm & 9pm

Buy your tickets now! http://pccn2015.bpt.me/

PCN: Pilipino Culture Night, an annual showcase of Pilipino folk music and dance along with theatrical skits presented by Pilipino student groups at colleges and universities around the country.

The Bindlestiff Players have once again teamed up with LIKHA to remount this no-holds-barred extravaganza of comedy and dance with new bonus material.

It'll be like no other PCN you've ever seen before...unless you saw it last year! But in case you missed it, here's your chance to see us reinvent standard PCN fare:

  • Bold interpretations of Pilipino folk music and dance
  • Adventurous sketch comedy
  • A runtime under two hours!

If you've ever participated in a PCN, or sat through one, this show is a must-see. Come watch this wry, loving salute to this uniquely Pilipino-American rite of passage.