07 May, 2008

First Filipino Heritage Night at SF Giants Game

The San Francisco Foundation 05/07/2008 -- LIKHA performs at the first ever Filipino Heritage Night at the San Francisco Giants. Malou Liwanag-Aguilar of Asian Journal writes:

Just as there's hardly any Filipino ballplayer in any Major League team since Bobby Balcena stint with the Cincinnati Reds in 1956 and outfielder Benny Agbayani of the Mets, the number of Filipinos in the Bay Area has increased rapidly in the past years. Filipinos are now an integral part of the city that it wouldn't come as a surprise to meet one in every place one goes.

As of last week, more than 2,000 tickets have been sold, a huge turnout considering that they started with a conservative sales forecast of 500. Tickets are at $20 each.

There will be performances by Bay Area-based cultural groups including the Barangay Dance Company of San Francisco, the Hiyas Philippine Folk Dance Company and the LIKHA Pilipino Folk Ensemble.