08 August, 2007

Filipinos Making Waves

Attractions Ontario 08/08/2007 -- In the summer of 2007 LIKHA travels to Lake Ontario's Harbourfront Centre to appear in the first Making Waves festival, a celebration of Philippine arts.

Attractions Ontario previewed the historic event—a huge win for Toronto's growing Filipino community.

Harbourfront Centre's World Routes 2007 presented by RBC is thrilled to host the Filipinos Making Waves festival. Co-produced with the Philippine Arts and Cultural Experience (PACE), this festival is a celebration of the exuberant and diverse Filipino cultures and features several celebrity talents.

A cultural cross-section of the 7107 islands of the Philippines, Filipinos Making Waves is a rare glimpse into the abundant variations of Filipino music, dance and art that has developed throughout centuries as an archipelagic trading port and colony. Aboriginal customs mingle with south Asian, European (mainly Spanish) and later American influences to produce a truly complex and vibrant people.