17 August, 2007

Festival Makes Waves Through Filipino Culture

Inside Toronto 08/17/2007 -- Toronto community news site Inside Toronto previews the first annual Making Waves program in Toronto. LIKHA was invited along with a host of Philippine arts groups to showcase the best of our culture. Jon Sarpong writes:

Harbourfront Centre's World Routes 2007 will host the Filipinos Making Waves festival. Co-produced with the Philippine Arts and Cultural Experience (PACE), this free festival is a celebration of the exuberant and diverse Filipino culture, and will feature several celebrity talents.

Filipinos Making Waves is a rare glimpse into the ranges that exist within Filipino music, dance and art. Traditional customs mingle with South Asian, European, and American customs to produce a truly complex and vibrant people. This festival allows those on the outside of this dynamic heritage the opportunity to connect with this vibrant community.