19 June, 2007

Spectacle Spectacular

Voice of Dance 06/19/2007 -- World Arts West commissioned LIKHA to perform the original dance piece Kadayawan at the 2007 Ethnic Dance Festival. The event was a huge success with every weekend of the festival selling out each night. Thank you to Julie Mushet for including us in this very special gathering.

Voice of Dance reviewed our performance and our fellow performers during Week 1. Allan Ulrich writes:

Kadayawan, as performed by Likha Pilipino Folk Ensemble, is one of four EDF commissions this season, and it's a huge, jaw-dropper of a spectacle, adroitly mounted by Jay Loyola and company artistic director Rudi C. Soriano. A male quintet, backed by an immense onstage band yields to a harvest celebration populated by a mixed gender ensemble, clothed in brilliantly colored flowing fabric. The roots of the dance lie in Southeastern Mindanao, the southernmost Philippine island. Who would have guessed how rich is the music and movement culture of the place.