07 June, 2000

The Road from Manila

San Francisco Chronicle 6/7/2000 -- Filipino food, like many aspects of Filipino culture, is influenced by a range of outside cultures. In this article the San Francisco Chronicle details the path our cuisine has taken from yesterday to today. Noel Advincula writes:

Spain ruled the Philippines for nearly 400 years and Spanish ingredients and dishes play a large part on Filipino menus. The Spaniards introduced rich stews, sausages, and dishes focusing on meat and dairy. Paella, menudo and pochero (cocido) all have Spanish roots. Eighty percent of Filipino dishes have Spanish influence although not all carry a Spanish name. The Chinese contributed noodles, the basis of the many pancit rice or egg noodle stir-fry dishes. Lumpia, the Filipino version of spring rolls, come in various forms including lumpia shanghai (small spring rolls filled with ground meat dipped in sweet-sour sauce) and sariwa (vegetables wrapped with fresh crepe and peanut sauce).