01 September, 1992

Sayaw sa Bangko

Sayaw ed Tapew na Bangko (dance on top of a bench), is a dance which originates from Pangasinan and researched by Jovita Sison. It is performed by a couple on a narrow bench, inching and hopping from one end to another. Dancer show skill in staying up the bench as they exchange places by moving their way around or the girl thrown in the air while boy moves to the other end. They do not compete but rather complement each other so that no one falls. It is usually performed during town fiestas.
Sayaw - Philippine Dances p.55
Ang pangakit na Sayaw sa Bangko ay katutubo sa Pangapisan, Lingayen, at Pangasinan. Sumasayaw ang mga pareha sa ibabaw ng mga bangko. Maliit na maliit ang mga bangko at dahil doon dapat maingat na maingat ang mga nagsasayaw.