01 September, 1992


This dance is a dance of floral garlands, dedicated to the Virgin Mary during the Roman Catholic celebration of their holy week. It is performed widely during the month of early May. “Bulaklakan” refers to green orchids and other flowering plants. The town of Bulacan derived its name after bulaklakan because of the natural floral growth in that area.

(Tagalog Regions) During the month of May, it is custom in many parts of the Philippines to celebrate the "Santa Cruz de Mayo," a procession usually followed by a social gathering in the house of the "Hermana Mayor." In some places, the celebration takes the form of folk dances held in front of a provisional alter built by the "Hermana Mayor." Bulaklakan, a lovely and attractive dance, is danced for this occasion. The girls in this dance each hold a garland of leaves and flowers attached to a wire, bamboo or rattan so that the garland will arch when held overhead.